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Welcome Home.

What to expect at DAG

The moment you walk through the DAG-labeled Church doors, you automatically become part of the DAG family. Services are casual, heartfelt and have attendees ranging from young adults and families to seniors. After being greeted, you can make your way to the breakfast bar where you will find coffee, water and donuts. We should warn you that you will probably be welcomed a few more times while grabbing refreshments because we are all about relationships. If you have children ages k-6 grade you might consider taking them to the nursery, KidZone or Elevate Student Ministries during service. Don’t worry we will have a countdown on the overhead projector so that you don’t miss the memo on when service begins. The countdown is the perfect time to find a seat. The DAG worship team will lead us in contemporary praise and worship. After which, we will provide an opportunity for the congregation to give their tithes and offering followed by announcements of upcoming events. The “bump” follows announcements. This is the perfect time to refill your coffee and visit with the person next to you. Pastor Kirk Anderson will then deliver a message. The closing may consist of a worship song and/ or prayer and we will conclude the service.

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

DAG church is a come as you are church! Attendees will wear anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a Sunday dress

What time does Sunday service start?

Services start at 10:30 AM on Sunday